How Did I Get an ITIN From Abroad

Typically, your Credit Card application will be rejected if you can’t provide SSN (Social Security Number), but there’s still a chance for you: most banks accept ITIN (Individual Texpayer Identification Number) instead of SSN.

  • Apply for U.S. Credit Cards
  • Open U.S. bank accounts
  • Accumulate credit history and credit score
  • Verify PayPal Account
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What is life like in China at High School?

I attended a typical Chinese public high school with the Gaokao (National college entrance exam) curriculum in a third-tier city, which is a lack of educational resources, in Grade 10 before my family immigrated to Canada. As a high school senior who has taken both Gaokao and AP courses with a bunch of friends enrolling in IBDP or IGCSE, I think I could review my school life in China critically.

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Canada: Freedom and Pleasure

Living in Vancouver for more than a year, I hardly have spare time to schedule a trip to central and eastern proviences until I finished my first draft of college admission essay and the SAT in the summer.

Although it’s virtually impossible to cover Canada in a week, I planned an itinerary to experience the best of what the Great White North has to offer me.

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