Study Notes: SAT Physics Subject Test


Speed of light: \small c=3.00 \times 10^{8} m/s

Young’s Double-slit interference experiment: \small y_{m}=\frac{m \lambda L}{d} (d is the distance between two incidents)

Law of reflection: \small \theta_{1}=\theta'_{1}

Index of reflection: \small n=\frac{c}{v} (v is the speed of light in specific materials)

Snell’s Law: \small n_{1}sin\theta_{1}=n_{2}sin \theta_{2}

Total internal reflection occurs when \small n_{1} > n_{2} and \small \theta_{1}>\theta_{c},\,\text{where}\,\theta_{c}=sin^{-1}(n_{2}/n_{1}).


Mirror equation: \small \frac{1}{s_{0}}+\frac{1}{s_{i}}=\frac{1}{f}

Magnification equation: \small m=-\frac{s_{i}}{s_{0}}

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