Xiaoyang Liu

Xiaoyang Liu

Incoming Freshman at UCLA
Software Engineer at Wortharead

University of California, Los Angeles


Programming Skills

  • Programming Languages: JavaScript (TypeScript), Python, Dart
  • Frontend: Vue.js, React.js (Redux), Webpack, Jest
  • Backend: Flask, Django, Firebase, AWS DynamoDB
  • Mobile Development: Flutter

Selected Coursework

  • Intro to Computer Science
  • Algorithms and Data Structures (Online)
  • Deep Learning Specialization (Online)
  • Calculus of Several Variables
  • Linear Algebra and Applications
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Mathematics for Machine Learning (Online)


  • Web Development
  • Open Source Initiative
  • Digital Privacy and Free Speech


  • B.S. in Mathematics of Computation, 2024

    University of California, Los Angeles



Software Engineer Intern


Sep 2020 – Present Mountain View, California
  • Collaboratively developed and maintained across-platform mobile app using Google’s Flutter SDK and JavaScript.
  • Implemented the server-side API and database with Google Cloud App Engine and CloudSQL.
  • Analyzed user feedback to improve existing designs and ensured customer satisfaction.

Software Engineer


Jun 2020 – Present San Francisco, California
  • Planned and arranged the product roadmap from scratch and released the beta product in 3 months. (Mozilla Builders Incubator Program)
  • Built the Single Page App with Vue.js, Vuex, and Vue Router. Designed highly reusable UI layouts and components with Quasar Framework.
  • Improved rendering performance with efficient state management and dynamic routing.
  • Restructured the backend with Flask and AWS DynamoDB. Implemented RESTful APIs for data and assets pipelines.
  • Designed Buffer Protocols to ensure uniformity and type safety of data.
  • Wrote development documents and created pipelines that automate the code review/release process.